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Famous Zorns

In chronological order


Ulrich Engelberti von Strassburg (Zorn) (1225-1277)

According to historical scripts Ulrich Engelberti von Strassburg is a descendant of the noble family Zorn from Strasbourg. At the age of 20, Ulrich Engelberti von Strassburg joins the Dominican monastery order.  He studies under “Albertus Magnus” and is with Thomas Aquinas one of his most important students. In 1272 he is elected to become one of the leaders in the German Dominican monastery order, and attends several conventions as well as founding monasteries. In 1277 he is being granted a position as a professor at the University of Paris but dies just about as he is to undertake this position.

He is most famous for his book “ Summa de Summo Bono” in where he develops the thoughts which had its origin in the teachings of Albertus Magnus. The book is considered as being influenced by the philosophies of Aristotle and Neo-Platonisicm and came to deeply influence the German mysticism in the 14th century.

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”Marschall von Zorn” (around 1249)

In the Wormser chronology from 1249, a “Marschall von Zorn” is mentioned. He is defending the Pfalzcount duke Ottens regiment against Philip von Hohenfels soldiers in the riots of the lodging Schönauer Hof in Worms.


Fritz Zorn alias Balthasar Zorn (around 1515)

Fritz Zorn lived in Nuremberg in 1515 and is recorded as one of the cities 12 old masters. He is famous for having created over 130 songs and became immortalized through his alias "Balthasar Zorn" in Richard Wagner's famous Opera "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg". I


Bartholomäus Zorn (1639-1717)

Bartholomäus was born in Berlin in 1639. He studied philosophy and medicin in Wittenberg and Altorf. In 1663 he became a doctor in medicin in Altorf. He was for 50 years active as a doctor in Berlin and published several books such as Thom. Pancovii Herbarium and the writings of Botanologiam medicam.


Peter Zorn (1682-1746)

Peter Zorn was born 22nd of may 1682 in Hamburg. Only 14 years old he translated the bible to Greek. 18 years old he studied at the University of Leipzig and got his master degree from the University of Wittenberg in 1703. By his return to Hamburg he became a candidate for the office as a minister. Thereafter he went to Rostock and became in 1705 a Backalaureus Teologia. In 1709 he went to Kiel and in 1715 he became a principal in Plön. In 1725 he became a professor in the subject’s rhetoric and history in the Berlin. His last employment was as a professor and principal at the high school in Thorn where he started in 1739 and died the 23rd of January 1746.


Johan Melchior von Zorn (around 1723)

Johan Melchior von Zorn is mentioned in the Austrian nobility register. He lived in Vienna in 1723 and was a second lieutenant in the army.


Leopold Ignaz von Zorn (around 1733)

Leopold Ignaz von Zorn is also mentioned in the Austrian nobility register and was a lawyer and lived in Krain.


Johannes Zorn (1739 - 1799)

Based in the town of Kempten in Germany, Johannes Zorn was a pharmacist and botanist who wrote the book "Icones plantarum medicinalium". In this book he illustrated over 600 paintings and descriptions of medicinal plants. He was also especially interested in the botanology of the new world and is perhaps most famous for having the plant family  "Zornia" named after his family name.

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Albertine Zorn (1819 - 1864)

Little did Albertine know that when she married Julius Schürer (1808-1899) that two of her daughters would marry two brothers that individually founded the mega companies  of BASF and Mercedes-Benz.


Friedrich Albert Zorn (1820-1905)

Friedrich starts in Feb 1840 as a teacher by the Russian Emperors Richelieu High School in Odessa. He undertakes several journeys throughout Europe and meets several other dance teachers such as Paul Taglioni, Amint Freising and Arthur Saint-Léon. In May 1885 he publishes "Grammatik der Tanzkunst". Later to be published in English "Grammar of the Art of Dancing". This book describes several national and other types of dances.

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Alois Zorn (1834 - 1897)

Alois Zorn was born 1834 and was in 1882 appointed to bishop in Porec i Pula in Croatia. In 1883 he was appointed archbishop of Gorizia e Gradisca in Italy, where he stayed until his death in 1897.

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Philipp Zorn (1850-1928) 

Philipp Zorn was born in Bayreuth in Germany and came to be a very educated man that influenced his time. He was a professor in political science at the universities of Munich, Bern, Königsberg & Bonn. Perhaps he is most famous for having been a teacher to the children of the emperor Wilhelm II (Germanys last emperor).

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Hugo Zorn von Bulach (1851 - 1921)

Hugo Zorn served as an officer in the German-French war of 1870-1871. He started a political career in 1881 with being elected into the German "Reichstag". In 1908 he became the State secretary for the province of "Elsass-Lothringen". He was forced to resign as a result of the Zabern-affair in 1914, and died in 1921 at his family castle Osthouse.

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Franz Zorn von Bulach (1858 - 1925)

Franz Zorn von Bulach was born 1858 in Strassbourg. In 1891 he was appointed to auxiliary bishop in Strassbourg where his title was "Bishop of Erythrae". In 1919 he resigned and died in 1925 as an "Auxiliary Bishop Emiritus of Strassbourg".

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Anders Zorn (1860-1920)  


Anders Zorn is one of Sweden’s most famous painters and was born in Mora, Sweden by Grudd Anna Andersdotter. She had seasonally been working at a brewery in Uppsala where she had met Leonhard Zorn, who became Anders father. Marriage was out of the question and his father died in 1872 in Helsinki, Finland without ever having met his son. Anders Zorn was however acknowledged by his father and allowed to carry his name.  

In 1885 Anders Zorn married to Emma Lamm and the following years they spent abroad mostly in France and England, but always returning back to Sweden during the summers. Some of the artistic techniques that he mastered were etchings, sculpturing, water colors and oil paintings. Some of his famous paintings include “Our daily bread” (1886) and the “Midsummer Dance” (1896). As a recognition of his artistic skills and especially his ability to paint portraits, resulted in the paintings of several members of the Swedish royal family, mostly known “Queen Sofia”  (1909) and several American presidents including “Grover Cleveland and his wife” (1899), “William Taft” (1911) and an etching of “Theodore Roosevelt”  (1905). 

Anders and his wife Emma Zorn are also famous for their philanthropic works which included the founding of a reading society, a parish library, a children's home, Mora handicraft organization, a folk high school, and an award for folk music named “the Zorn award”.  

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Hermann Albert Friedrich Zorn (1896-1983)  

Hermann was born 24th of January 1896 in Hamburg. After participating in the first world war he continued to study chemic at the TH University in Dresden. In 1923 he finished his studies and married Hertha Köhnecke. They have two sons Walther born 1924 and Martin 1928. Hermann works at several companies and is after the second world war internated in England. From 1947 he works for a Swiss company and in 1955 as a professor for the technical University in Vienna. During his time as several chemical companies he develops several patents for "synthesizing lubricating oils" and new techniques for producing artificial textiles. In 1956 he marries Dr Wilma Loeb and receives in 1969 the silver cross for his services from the Austrian president.  He dies in Mannheim the 6th of October in 1983.  

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Rudolf Zorn (1893-1966)

Rudolf was born the 24th of December 1893 in Kempten, Germany. After finishing high school he continued to study law and political science at the Universities of Munich and Würzburg. In 1920 he was finished with his study and had received a "Dr jur" title. He continues with a career in the Bavarian administration. With the nationalsocialists power overtake in Germany he is for a short period put into surveillance and thereafter assigned to work in a  cigaret company in Dresden from 1934-1945. After the second world war he returns to Bavaria and becomes active within the administration of finance. From 1949 to 1963 he is director over a Bavarian banking group with a short service as finance minister in Bavaria in 1951.  He dies the 21ndof January 1966 in Munich. 

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Max August Zorn (1906-1993)


Max Zorn was born in Krefeld 1906, Germany. In 1930 he received a Ph.D. from the University of Hamburg for his work on alternative algebras. In 1933 he was forced to leave Germany because of Nazi policies (he was however not jewish). He emigrated to the US and was appointed as a “Sterling Fellow” at the Yale University. Thereafter he worked at the University of California in Los Angeles until 1946 when he moved to become a professor at the  Indiana University on which he was active on until his death. He became famous for his mathematics which included, algebra, group theory and numerical analysis. In 1935 he discovered a powerful tool in set theory that is applicable to a wide range of mathematical constructs such as, vector spaces and ordered sets. On a personal note he was an avid guitar player and his grandson Eric Zorn is a columnist at the Chicago Tribune (read more below).

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Herrman Zorn (1924-)

Herrman Zorn was born the 12th of October in Tschechnitz and became a judge in the Supreme Court of Germany in Karlsruhe.      


Douglas Zorn (19??-)

Douglas Zorn is a successful high-tech entrepreneur and has founded three companies, StarVox Communications Inc, Appiant Technologies and Monterey Telecommunications. He has become known as an expert in bringing promising early stage companies to commercialization. During his 30 year career he has raised over 500 million US$ in private and public equity and has been involved in more than 75 high-tech acquisitions.

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Eric S. Zorn (19??-)

Eric S. Zorn attended he Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck New Jersey. Prior to joining the Wal - Mart cooperation he worked as President for Omnia Protective Services and Senior Vice President for Jamesway. In 1993 he joined the Wal-Mart cooperation and became in 2003 President of Wal - Mart realty. In 2005 he became one of Wal - Mart`s Executive Vice Presidents. He is also a board member of St. Mary´s Hospital Foundation, International Council of Shopping Centers and Professional Women in Construction.

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Werner Zorn (1942-)  

Werner Zorn was born 24th September 1942 in Frankfurt am Main. He became famous for receiving the first transatlantic email the 2nd August 1984 at the University of Karlsruhe. Germany thus became the 4th country with internet connection. He is since 2001 Professor for the communication system at the Hasso-Plattner Institute in Potsdam.

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John Zorn, (1953-)

John Zorn was born in New York and played the instruments, piano, guitar and flute as a child. He founded the “Theatre of Musical Optics” in 1975 and was a major participant in the experimental downtown music scene of Manhattan as a composer, performer and producer covering several musical genres. He has produced several albums such as Spillane (1987), Naked City (1990) and Kristallnacht (1993). In 1995 he founded the record company Tzadik Records. Some of the awards that he has received is the Mac Arthur fellow (2006) and the William Schuman Award (2007) "to recognize the lifetime achievement of an American composer whose works have been widely performed and generally acknowledged to be of lasting significance."

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James Arthur Zorn (1953-)


More frequently known under the name Jim Zorn, was born in Whittier, California. He is famous for being an American Football quarterback starting at the Seattle Seahawks National Football League for their first seven seasons (1976-1982). After the 1976-1977 season he was named “NFC Offensive Rockie of the Year” and the Seahawks most valuable player and in 1991 he was awarded into Seahawks “Ring of Honour”. Since 2001 he has been working as a quarterback coach for the Seahawks.

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Karina Zorn (19??-)

Karina Zorn is a jazz singer and composer born in Ottawa, Canada. She released her debut album "Through These Eyes" in 2008. Karina has performed in Japan, USA, France, UK and Austria and possess the ability to perform in English, French and German. A few of the celebrities she has entertained includes the Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth II.


Eric Zorn (1958-)


Eric Zorn is a famous columnist and blogger for the Chicago Tribune where he has been working since 1980. In 1986 he became a news feature columnist of the column Hometowns that gradually developed into his own. In 1990 he co-authored a book called, Murder of Innocence. Once a year in December he also hosts the “Songs of the Good Cheer” together with his colleague Mary Schmich to raise money for the Tribune Holiday Fund charities. 

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